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Du Pont heir dodged prison for raping 3-year-old daughter after judge ruled he 'would not fare well' behind bars by Joe Kemp - New York Daily News, 3/31/14

The Rarely Told Stories Of Sexual Assault Against Female Migrants by Steve Inskeep - WJCT News, 3/24/14

5 Most Important Things I Learned About Sex From Teaching Human Sexuality by Dr. Kelly Neff, 3/27/14

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The Official ‘How To Avoid Rape’ Satire. Inspired By Terrible Advice Everywhere by Alvin Melathe - UpworthyThe Ones that Get Away: Across the U.S., More than 180,000 Fugitives Can Escape Justice Just By Crossing State Liners by Brad Heath - USA Today, 3/11/14

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Man indicted on murder, rape charges in roommate's death - WLWT, 3/12/14

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Military Judge Won't Dismiss Sexual Assault Charges Against Army General Jeffrey Sinclair by Michael Biesecker - The Associated Press,03/10/2014
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Oppressed Majority by Eleonore Pourriat

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